Did you know that you spend an average of 50 hours a year driving your lawn mower?? Whether to mow a little greenery or a  surface at a football pitch :-), the lawnmower remains one of the essential elements of the gardener! That’s why buying a  lawn mower is not an innocuous act, it’s an investment! In fact, any good gardener who respects himself wishes to have  access to quality mowing equipment and above all to be able to keep it for a good number of years. We must therefore take  the time to think before moving to the act of purchase!

But how to find its bearings today when choosing a lawn mower, when  in store you are faced with manual clippers, mowers or electric lawn mowers … we would quickly lose its Latin! But do not  panic ! In this article,  Before approaching the different types of lawn mowers , let’s go back to some fundamental notions …  Push mowers, self-propelled or self-propelled?  A push mower , as its name implies, is a push mower by the person who mows, aka the shearer.

This is undoubtedly one of the  most environmentally friendly means of cutting.  A lawn mowerself-propelled is a lawnmower whose engine activates the blade and wheels, which can be good for small areas if  you are not very sporty, ideal for supermarkets to relieve you, and super convenient on sloping ground , especially when the  mower is heavy. Most thermal mowers are self-propelled, but less common on electric mowers.  Lastly, a self- propelled lawn mower is like a small tractor and is ideal for mowing large areas (not to say meadows ), in  the sense that the shearer is sitting on his lawn mower and thus mowing his surface with peace of mind: the comfort is  assured but the price too, indeed one can not have the butter and the money of the butter …

Choose your lawn mower without taking the cabbage!