Choose your lawn mower without taking the cabbage!

Did you know that you spend an average of 50 hours a year driving your lawn mower?? Whether to mow a little greenery or a  surface at a football pitch :-), the lawnmower remains one of the essential elements of the gardener! That’s why buying a  lawn mower is not an innocuous act, it’s an investment! In fact, any good gardener who respects himself wishes to have  access to quality mowing equipment and above all to be able to keep it for a good number of years. We must therefore take  the time to think before moving to the act of purchase!

But how to find its bearings today when choosing a lawn mower, when  in store you are faced with manual clippers, mowers or electric lawn mowers … we would quickly lose its Latin! But do not  panic ! In this article,  Before approaching the different types of lawn mowers , let’s go back to some fundamental notions …  Push mowers, self-propelled or self-propelled?  A push mower , as its name implies, is a push mower by the person who mows, aka the shearer.

This is undoubtedly one of the  most environmentally friendly means of cutting.  A lawn mowerself-propelled is a lawnmower whose engine activates the blade and wheels, which can be good for small areas if  you are not very sporty, ideal for supermarkets to relieve you, and super convenient on sloping ground , especially when the  mower is heavy. Most thermal mowers are self-propelled, but less common on electric mowers.  Lastly, a self- propelled lawn mower is like a small tractor and is ideal for mowing large areas (not to say meadows ), in  the sense that the shearer is sitting on his lawn mower and thus mowing his surface with peace of mind: the comfort is  assured but the price too, indeed one can not have the butter and the money of the butter …

8 trends for bathrooms in 2018

A look at the 2018 trends in bathroom design reveals the growing interest in a bathroom that is functional, comfortable and environmentally friendly. While for a long time the bathroom had only a utilitarian role, the needs related to this room  evolved. Today, more than a functional bathroom, we want a bathroom that invites relaxation. To give you some ideas, we  offer you a preview of the perfect bathroom in 2018, in every detail.

1. Built-in furniture

Modern Bathroom by RAB ARREDO BAGNO A wall-mounted bathroom cabinet adds a touch of design while being protected from puddles. The solution in this example,  perfectly integrated into the room, offers enough storage while having a minimalist style. The neon itself in the furniture is an original idea for a modern lighting of his bathroom.

2. The water resistant vinyl wallpaper

Modern Bathroom by Valentina Farassino Architetto A beautiful wallpaper will give an unexpected touch to your bathroom. In this bathroom, an entire wall was covered with a trompe-l’œil wallpaper, bringing a touch of nature into the room. It is of  course essential to choose a water-resistant  wallpaper that will not be damaged by the slightest drop of water. Village House: Modern Houses by Lautrefabrique  Need help for your house project? Contact us! GET FREE HELP

3. The enamelled tiles in the bathroom

Retro-chic bathrooms will also be one of the trends of 2018. The enamelled tiles, whatever their color and finish, combine perfectly with modern bathtubs, showers or washbasins, creating a modern bathroom. relieved of a retro touch.

4. Vintage furniture

There is nothing better than vintage furniture to give style to a bathroom. In this example, in addition to the old- fashioned washbasin, the visible piping, the color of the walls and the woodwork contribute to the vintage style of this bathroom.

5. Small niches for objects

If you are one of those who have to settle for a small bathroom, this solution will no doubt please you. The niches will be everywhere in 2018. In addition to bringing a chic touch to your bathroom, they can create storage spaces, especially inside the shower. You will no longer need these wobbly and unattractive shower shelves.

6. The marble elements

ROSELIND WILSON DESIGN Marble never goes out of fashion. Whether in a bathroom with the latest trends or a bathroom decorated in a classic style, this material is ideal for shelves as for the floor or walls. Also, the advantage of marble is that it combines easily with other materials such as wood and metal.

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Wooden House: Modern Houses by Archiconfort

7. A frameless shower

It has been some time since showers without bins and placed on the floor are in vogue. The frameless showers are now adding to the trend.The minimalism of these showers gives them an innovative and modern style, while guaranteeing a homogeneous layout of the bathroom. To maintain this atmosphere, it is important to create a harmony: each object and each piece of furniture in the bathroom must be as minimalist as possible.

8. The bathroom turns into a living room

Those for whom bathroom rhymes with well-being and pampering sessions will be delighted by this type of bathroom. The use of  beautiful materials and well-chosen furniture helps to soothe the spirit. These are the little details, such as the retro  tiles, the freestanding bathtub, the parquet floor and the copper elements that give all its charm to this bathroom, in which we want to stay.

How to improve the safety of children in the home?

When you become a parent, the safety of children at home is a constant concern.

Half-timbering always brings a lot of charm to a facade. Unfortunately, this old building, made of mud and beams (called sandpits), resists badly to the rain: the mud is eroded, and the wood wears out. Depending on the extent of the degradation, you can renovate the studs yourself, or you will need a professional.

Case # 1 to renovate a stud: it is tarnished and worn Start by scrubbing to highlight areas that may need to be replaced. Sandblasting is then practiced: it is sandblasting under high pressure. On the front, you can also use a pressure washer. Once dusted, the beams can be repainted or varnished. Case n ° 2 to renovate a half-timbering: it is damaged When the crevices are not too deep, it is enough to fill them with a mortar with the lime or a resin aspect wood. Check that the wear is not due to the presence of parasites. If so, first treat the wood with an insecticide. Once the beam is dry,

use a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine with a brush to feed the wood. Do not hesitate to put several layers. You can also repaint or varnish to hide the repair. In the case of larger damage, it is better to cut the damaged part and replace it with a section of the same size. This operation is easier on the interior and clear beams, like those of the frame, but it is also possible to work on those of the facade without dismounting, removing only the daub and lattice. If the frame seems too degraded, it is recommended to reinforce the beams with a metal frame. Case n ° 3 to renovate a half-timbering: the mud is damaged When it is traditional, the mud consists of clay, sand, lime and a vegetable binder, such as straw or hay. Since this type of coating is sensitive to moisture, it is advisable to change it completely. Many mud is spoiled When it is traditional, mud is made of clay, sand, lime and a vegetable binder, such as straw or hay. Since this type of coating is sensitive to moisture, it is advisable to change it completely.

Many mud is spoiled When it is traditional, mud is made of clay, sand, lime and a vegetable binder, such as straw or hay. Since this type of coating is sensitive to moisture, it is advisable to change it completely. Many materials are conceivable: cellular concrete, wood panels, cork … But the best is still to choose a breathable insulation, such as cellulose wadding or terracotta bricks covered with plaster. To increase the effectiveness of the insulation, add ventilation, and make sure you do not have wet lifts from the cellar. In this way, you will avoid having to renovate the half-timbering again in a few years.

Some tips and tricks to improve the security of your home

Did you know that home interruptions are very common? Almost every 17 seconds, a house is robbed. Usually, when this horrible occurrence occurs, no one is at home to assist. Proper security procedures can prevent qualified thieves and amateur criminals. You, your friends and your family will be safer at home if you follow the next safety tips!

1. Domestic alarm system

This is the first thing most people think of when securing their home or residence. Did you know that a house without a security system is almost three times more likely to experience an interruption? With a burglar alarm, you receive a monthly fee, which is usually not too expensive and really worth the money!

2. Keeping dogs

Some dogs are bred to protect you, your family and your property. Some big dogs to protect your family’s home are the”Rottweilers”, “Pit Bulls”, “Dobermans” and “German Shepherds”. You must make sure that you are ready to take care of a dog of any kind before you commit to adopt it. Find a reliable instructor to help train the dog properly.

3. Security lights

Proper lights inside and outside your home can prevent criminals. Install lights near doors, windows, and other places where a thief may try to enter. Make sure to use an indoor lamp on a timer when you are not at home, so it seems that the thieves in the house are busy at all times. This will discourage thieves.

4. Dead bolt locks

Having more than just a lock on your door can make things more problematic for any potential thief. It is very important to have a dead bolt or safety chain inside your doors . Have a professional locksmith, install them for you.

5. Be nice with neighbors

When you are friendly with your neighbors, they are more likely to let you know if they see anything suspicious around your home. They can even call the police on your behalf if they notice something strange when they know you’re not home. This can be very useful!

Remember, your house is your castle, and you have to protect it as one. Keep your doors and windows locked when you’re away from home and make sure your alarm system is always activated properly! Follow the tips above and you will feel safe in your home! In case of need, do not hesitate to contact our craftsman locksmith Paris 9eme to help you protect your home ..

Substantial Completion

Multiple parties to a construction project are affected by the filing of statements of claim or privilege on immovable property where work, labor, and/or materials are provided. The timely filing of statements of claim or privilege on property often depends upon “substantial completion.”

The Notice of Substantial Completion or Notice of Termination of Work is often filed in the mortgage records in conjunction with the project contract, triggering the lien period. Whatdetermines substantial completion, however, when neither the construction contract nor any notice of termination of work/notice of substantial completion is filed on a Private Works project? In Urban’s Ceramic Tile, Inc. v. McLain, the Louisiana Second Circuit Court of Appeal consideredmultiple facts in order to decidean effective date of substantial completion. Urban’s Ceramic Tile, Inc. v. McLain, 113 So.3d 477 (2013).

In Urban, the homeowner hired Mustang Homes to build a house on a lot they purchased in Minden, Louisiana. Mustang hired Urban’s Ceramic Tile, Inc. as a subcontractor on the project. After Mustang had failed to pay Urban for its materials and labor provided on the project, Urban filed a statement of “lien and privilege” in the public records of Webster Parish on February 16, 2011, thereafter filing a petition for amounts due and to enforce its privilege under the Private Works Act. The homeowners answered the suit alleging the lien was untimely, and moved for a writ of mandamus directing Urban to cancel its lien and sought reimbursement for attorney fees.

At trial, the homeowners alleged that Urban’s lien was not timely, as it was filed more than 60 days after substantial completion of the work in contravention of La. R.S. 9:4822C(2). They argued that the house was complete on December 8, 2010, the date they changed the locks on the property. At the time the locks were changed, the homeowners alleged only minor punch list items remained which did not affect substantial completion as defined under La. R.S. 9:4822C(2).They also provided a picture of a mayonnaise jar on the kitchen counter taken on December 19, 2010, as evidence that the property was occupied.

Despite a letter from the homeowners to Mustang on December 8, 2010, which complained that the house “has not been constructed in a timely manner” and listed a punch list of 43 items to still be completed, the trial court ruled in favor of the homeowners. The trial courtruled that the date the homeowners changed the locks on the property and began going there daily, even though the homeowners admittedly did not completely move in until months later, constituted effective possession of the property. The trial court therefore found the lien filed by Urban untimely, as it was filed more than 60 days from December 8, 2010, and awarded the homeowners attorney fees.

Urban appealed the decision, and the Second Circuit Court of Appeal affirmed the trial court decision, finding that although punch list items remained, such as laying the attic insulation, attaching the washer and dryer, and installing the garage doors, these items “did not defeat the intended purpose of the house.”Urban’s at 482.

The takeaway of the ruling is that multiple facts will be taken into consideration when determining the date of substantial completion of work in construction projects. The Urban decision displays the necessity of timely filing a statement of claim or privilege on a construction project if you are a general contractor, subcontractor, laborer, or material man, and the legal liability a claimant faces when filing and refusing to remove an untimely lien. It also illustratesthe importance of immediately contacting an attorney when experiencing problems in payment on construction projects. An experienced construction attorney’s review of the project filings and applicable lien filing time periods may be the only way you can protect your rights.

Louisiana Public Bid Law

The Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal recently ruled that public entities cannot waive any form requirements of a public bid subsequent to the bid’s submission. In Command Construction Industries, L.L.C. v. City of New Orleans, the Court held that the City of New Orleans improperly awardeda contract to Durr Heavy Construction after Durrsubmitted a revised initial bid. The the City’s bid documents stipulated that no modifications to bids would be permitted once the bidding period was opened. Durr revised its bid because it contained an arithmetical error that added over $500,000 to the base bid. After revision, Durr’s bid was the lowest, and the City awarded it the contract.Command Construction Industries, L.L.C. v. City of New Orleans, 126 So.3d 716 (La. App. 4 Cir. 2013).

Louisiana Public Bid Law, specifically La. R.S. 38:2212(A)(1)(a), states:

All public work . . . to be done by a public entity shall be advertised and let by contract to the lowest responsible bidder who had bid according to the contract, plans, and specifications

Recognizing that Durr’s amended bid violated the requirements of the City’s bid documents, Command Construction, the next-lowest bidder, filed suit to compel the City to award the construction contract to Command. Command argued that the City could not award the contract to Durr, citing the Louisiana Supreme Court’s ruling in Hamps Constr., L.L.C. v. City of New Orleans that “requirements contained in the Public Bid Law and in a pubic entity’s bid requirements may not be waived.”Hamps Constr., L.L.C. v. City of New Orleans, 924 So.2d 104 (La. 2006). The Fourth Circuit agreed with Command, elaborating that “whatever the cause of the errors in the bids, including calculation errors, a public entity may not waive (1) any requirements of the Public Bid Law, (2) any requirements stated in the advertisement for bid, or (3) any requirements stated on the bid form.”The effect of this rule is that “irregularities in bid forms, even if informal or seemingly inconsequential, may not be discounted or set aside.”

In Roof Technologies, Inc. v. State, the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal applied the same rule to prevent the State from considering a bid that contained typos corrected by white-out because no one from the bidding company initialed the corrections, as the bid solicitation instructed.Roof Technologies, Inc. v. State, 29 So.3d 621 (La. App. 1 Cir. 2009). The court stated that “as it pertains to projects let for public bid, form matters as much as substance.”

The jurisprudence interpreting the Louisiana Public Bid Law to contain strict form requirements has major implications for any entity bidding on a public contract. Before submitting a bid, check, double check, and triple check all information in the bid packet to ensure it is accurate and satisfies all requirements of the Public Bid Law, the advertisement for bid, and the bid form. Any discrepancy – no matter how trivial or insubstantial – can result in the bid’s disqualification.